Bankruptcy Attorney John Hicks knows how to make the system work for you, providing effective foreclosure help. 

By delaying the foreclosure process, obtaining mortgage modifications and using the Chapter 13 process we can give you’re the best opportunity to save your home, or, keep you in the home for the longest possible time, sometimes years, before you actually have to move your residence.

As they face the return of so many homes, mortgage companies are more interested in helping people keep their homes by modifying the mortgage to become current and sometimes lower interest rates.

Lenders are more willing to work with homeowners toward home loan restructuring solutions that benefit everyone.

New Michigan foreclosure law also help individuals and families going through hard economic times by extending the time it takes for mortgage companies to get through the foreclosure process to give homeowners every opportunity to retain their home.

What Is a Loan Modification?

A loan modification adjusts the terms of a home loan to make payments more affordable for homeowners.

Mortgage companies may agree to extend your loan to allow you to become current, in the best cases, reduce the interest rate and monthly payment amount.

No one can force a mortgage company to modify the loan, but,  mortgage companies have become increasingly receptive to working something out to keep people in the homes and making regular payments rather than getting the property back in foreclosure.